Motorcycle Podcasters Challenge

The Motorcycle Podcasters Challenge podcast is the official voice of the challenge, produced by RDub Studios, LLC.

MPC Rules 2018

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The 2018 goal of the motorcycle podcasters challenge will continue to promote riding, but with a destination focus. Our secondary goal is to share the experience through social media and our respective shows to increase audience engagement.

After mostly positive feedback from participants of the 2nd annual MPC, we have made several key changes.

Key changes for 2018 Challenge:

  1. Jon will co-administrator the ride and not take part in earning points
  2. As a benefit to previous listeners that participated in the 2017 challenge, they have the option to ride as a member of the On-Air Podcast team instead of an individual rider.
  3. Letters drawn will be recycled each week for the next drawing.

Rules for the Challenge:

Quick Overview:

  • Alphabet challenge that will start June 21st, 2018 ending July 11th, 2018
  • Each week 6 letters will be drawn - excluding Q, X, and Z. letters will be added back in after drawing
  • One team per motorcycle podcast - teams must have at least one on-air personality.
  • One rider from each podcast team needs to ride to a municipality that starts with one of the letters drawn that week and take a photo in front an approved location (fire station, police station, post office or welcome sign) with the municipalities name on it.
  • Teams/Listener can complete as many of the 6 letters in the week as they like. One submission per letter. The criteria is the same as above.
  • After the photo is taken - post photo to MPC facebook group page.
  • Podcast teams will get bonus points from listeners riding for their podcast.
  • Top three teams and listener will get a bonus for riding the most miles.
  • During the 2nd and 3rd week there will be one flash challenge posted on the MPC Facebook group page and teams have 72 hours to complete
  1. Duration: June 21st thru July 11th. (first, live drawing Wed June 20)
  2. Teams:
    1. Open to all motorcycle theme podcasts and must sign up by the deadline
      1. April 30th, 2018 if you wish to have team name/logo on the shirts
      2. Otherwise, June 1st, 2018 to join
    2. Teams will be limited to a maximum of 3 riders
    3. Only one team per motorcycle podcast
    4. Once the challenge starts, members of the team cannot be changed.
    5. Team composition:
      1. On-air talent is defined as anyone that has been a host/co-host or part of the show in an on-air capacity for at least 10 episodes in a single year.
      2. A benefit to previous listeners that participated in a previous challenge that took part in a previous MPC and rode for a podcast team can become a member of the Podcast Team instead of riding as an individual.
      3. All members of the podcast are not required to join, each team decides who rides for the challenge.
      4. Each team must contain at least one on-air rider.
    6. Any member(s) of any team, can join the live recording of the motorcycle podcasters challenge podcast (Wed 9 pm eastern time)
  3. A non-participating person will be designated as the challenge administrator (Jon and Natalie).
  4. Each week during the live recording of the Motorcycle Podcasters Challenge podcast the admin will use a bingo-type machine to draw the letters.
    1. Letters Q, X, and Z will be excluded from selection.
    2. The admin will draw 6 balls and those letters will be added back into the wheel for subsequent drawings.
    3. If a letter is pulled more than once, a team/rider cannot use the same municipality from the previous draw. (example: if C is drawn and Charlotte, NC is submitted and the letter is drawn a second time, Charlotte, NC cannot be used for the second submission)
  5. Each week, teams/listeners are responsible for submitting 1 municipality for each of the 6 letters, located in the United States of America, that has a name starting with one of the selected letters of the week. (example: if C is drawn, Charlotte, NC is an eligible municipality for the first draw)

    1. Teams decide the division of labor for acquiring each municipality.
      1. Below outlines one exception for bonus points eligible for mileage.
    2. To be considered a valid municipality, there must be a police/fire department or a post office
      1. For questions on eligible locations, please ask before you ride there. Email admin for clarification and allow at least 12 hours for a reply.
    3. To get points for the municipality you must post to the Motorcycle Podcaster Challenge social media site: Facebook MPC group with hashtag #MotoPC2018.
      1. If you don't know how to post to a group let the admins know before the challenge begins and they will show you how to to do it.
      2. The stream/photo/video needs to have a sign or building with the name of the municipality, your bike and you without your helmet in the stream/video/photo.
      3. Live streaming video from the municipality with location turned on is preferred, but photo/video will be accepted.
      4. A short recap of your trip to the municipality is recommended during your stream, video, or photo post.
      5. Do not alter photo/video and remove metadata from photo/video as spot checking may be done.
      6. If any member of a team or listener does not have a Facebook account, a member of the podcast team can submit the post on their behalf noting who gets credit for the ride.
    4. The Admin will monitor the challenge through the Facebook MPC group page.
      1. The admin will record points for each submission into a spreadsheet.
      2. Once the admin “LIKEs” the post it means the admin has recorded the points for that submission.
    5. Letters must be completed and posted to social media source by the specified time announced during the weekly live recording (usually Wednesday by 7:59 pm EST)
    6. Points for each completed municipality will be based on the total letter points for the municipality. The value for each letter is defined below:
      • 21 points: Q, Z
      • 17 points: J, X
      • 11 points: K
      • 9 points: F, H, V, W, Y
      • 7 points: B, C, M, P
      • 5 points: D, G
      • 3 points: A, E, I, O, U, R, S, T, L, N
      • Example city: Charlotte (7+9+3+3+3+3+3+3+3) = 37
    7. Complete all letters of the week, receive 5 point bonus.
    8. Team members may submit letters from previous weeks during subsequent weeks to earn half points. These municipalities do not count toward the six for the current week (meaning do not count toward the bonus for completing all six)

Submission guidelines:

  1. Prior to the challenge start, a photo must be submitted to the Admin of the motorcycle odometer that is to be used for the challenge.
  2. Each rider must also submit an odometer photo to the admin at the end of each week.
  3. A change of motorcycle must follow the same guidelines for a and b above. Mileage or municipality credit will not be given until a starting odometer photo is received by the challenge Admin, up to a maximum of two motorcycles for a given week.

Bonus Points:

  1. Mileage points - The member with the highest number of miles for each team will be used to determine mileage bonus points.
    1. The top three individuals (from each team) will be ranked highest to lowest and awards 15, 10, and 5 bonus points respectively.
    2. To have your mileage be part of the mileage bonus points, you must have completed at least one municipality for the week.
      Team 1 - Rider a1: 100 miles, Rider b1: 200 miles
      Team 2 - Rider a2: 150 miles, Rider b2: 300 miles
      Team 3 - Rider a3: 275 miles, Rider b3: 75 miles
      Team 4 - Rider a4: 425 miles
      1. Highest mileage riders from each team would be ranked (b1, b2, a3, a4)
      2. Points awarded:
        1. A4 (team 4): 15 points
        2. B2 (team 2): 10 points
        3. A3 (team 3): 5 points

Team flash challenges - (additional bonus points)

  1. The admin will post a flash challenge to all teams during the second and third weeks.
  2. Max number of flash challenge submissions per team, per week, is one.
  3. Each team decides the division of labor for the flash challenge.
  4. Teams have 72 hours to complete the flash challenge.
  5. For completing the flash challenge each team will be allowed to choose 1 letter from the entire alphabet and the point value for that single letter will be doubled for that weeks point total. If a team chooses the letter T as their flash challenge reward then for that week T has a new point value of 6 instead of the normal 3 for all T’s present in that week's submissions.
    • Example city:
    • Regular point value: Charlotte (7+9+3+3+3+3+3+3+3) = 37
    • Flash challenge point value: Charlotte (7+9+3+3+3+3+6+6+3) = 43

Listener Participation:

  1. Listeners of each podcast are invited to join the challenge by also riding to municipalities from the selected letters of the week to be eligible for additional bonus points
    1. All signup, submission, and general challenge rules apply to listener participation.
  2. Listener bonus points awarded will be the highest value single municipality from all listeners.
    1. Example: listener A municipality = 37 points, listener B municipality = 22 points, listener C municipality = 18 points. The podcast would be awarded 37 bonus points for the week
  3. Listeners may only submit letters for a single podcast for each week.
  4. The listener at the end of the challenge with the most points will be given a perpetual trophy. The tiebreaker is total miles for the challenge based on the odometer. See section 6c for motorcycle restrictions.

Tie Breaker:

  1. In the event of a tie, bonus points earned from the weekly mileage challenge will be used to declare the winner.
  2. In the unlikely event that there is still a tie, both podcast names will be engraved on the trophy with shared possession throughout the year

Sign up

A signup form including a liability and release must be signed by all participants (podcast riders and listeners)

Registration for the 2018 challenge is now CLOSED.

Subscribe to the MPC newsletter for updates and to be notified of the next challenge

The Motorcycle Podcasters Challenge trophy and prizes (if applicable)

  1. RDub Studios has created and owns the motorcycle podcasters team challenge trophy
  2. RDub Studios has created and owns the motorcycle podcasters listener challenge trophy
  3. The winning team will have the name of podcast engraved on the team perpetual trophy.
  4. The winning listener will have the name of their name of choice engraved on the listener perpetual trophy.
  5. The team trophy will be awarded to winning team at the Barber Vintage Festival (First weekend in October). If the winning team is unable to attend the event, other arrangements will be made to get the winning team the trophy.
  6. The winning team is responsible for the trophy while in their possession and must notify RDub Studios if the trophy is damaged or lost. The team may be responsible for costs associated with repair/replacement of trophy up to $500 depending on the level of damage.
  7. The winning team must return the trophy before the next challenge in the shipping container provided. RDub Studios will reimburse for the cost of shipping the trophy. We have found that shipping from UPS store to UPS store is the most value for the weight of the trophies.
  8. The team trophy will be awarded to the winning podcast at a time and place arranged between RDub Studios and the winning team.
  9. Each participant is responsible for the trophy while in their possession and must notify RDub Studios if the trophy is damaged or lost. Participants may be responsible for costs associated with repair/replacement of the trophy up to $500 depending on the level of damage.
  10. The winning individual must return the trophy before the next challenge in the shipping container provided. RDub Studios will reimburse for the cost of shipping the trophy. We have found that shipping from UPS store to UPS store is the most value for the weight of the trophies.

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