2018 MPC Rule Updates


March 6th, 2018

19 mins 8 secs

Season 2

Your Hosts

About this Episode

Jon shares with Rich what are the major changes for 2018 MPC Challange. To follow all the action you can request acces to the MPC Facebook page. Also check out website.

Key changes for 2018 Challenge:

  1. Jon will co-administrator the challenge and not take part in earning points
  2. As a benefit to previous listeners who participated in the 2017 challenge, they have the option to ride as a member of the On-Air Podcast team instead of an individual rider.
  3. Letters drawn will be recycled each week for the next drawing.

Quick Overview:

  • Alphabet challenge that will start June 21st, 2018 ending July 11th, 2018
  • Each week 6 letters will be drawn - excluding Q,X, and Z. letters will be added back in after drawing
  • One team per motorcycle podcast - teams must have at least one on-air personality.
  • One rider from each podcast team needs to ride to a municipality that starts with one of the letter drawn that week and take a photo in front an approved location (fire station, police station, post office or welcome sign) with the municipalities name on it.
  • Listener can complete as many letter in the week as they like. The criteria is the same as above.
  • After photo is taken - post photo to MPC facebook group page.
  • Podcast teams will get bonus points from listeners riding for their podcast.
  • Top three teams and listener will get bonus for riding the most miles.
  • During the 2nd and 3rd week there will be one flash challenge posted on the MPC Facebook group page and teams have 72 hours to complete.

Podcast and Listeners as of March 6th (after recording)

  • LoudPipes (Rich, Rico, and Dave)
  • Motorcycle Men (Ted, Tim, and Chris)
  • Throttled (Kevin, Larry, and Roger)
  • Girl On A Moto (Baulah Mae)
  • Creative Riding (Larry, Chris, and Paul)
  • Zyon (LoudPipes)
  • Jeni (Motorcycle Men)
  • Chad (Motorcycle Men)
  • Aaron (Creative Riding)
  • Kenny (LoudPipes)
  • Chris (LoudPipes)
  • Nikki (Creative Riding)
  • Jim (LoudPipes)
  • EJ (Motorcycle Men)
  • Chris (LoudPipes)
  • Brian (Throttled)
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